Europa secures second position in Friendly Insurance Company competition

Europa Non-life Insurance Company achieved second place in the Friendly Insurance Company 2013 competition organised by Gazeta Bankowa (Banking Gazette). The key criterion of the evaluation was the quality of after-sale customer service.

“The high standing in the ranking is a very important achievement to us. It is also a confirmation of the outcome of the strategy we assumed, where the customer and their needs are at the forefront of our insurance business. We are glad that our efforts have been noticed”, says Jacek Podoba, President of Europa Insurance Group. 

The areas evaluated in the competition include data on customer service quality, policy payouts, as well as the number of reported customer complaints. The jury gathered this information from the Polish Insurance Ombudsman as well as the insurers themselves. The following were taken into account: number of complaints to the Polish Insurance Ombudsman in relation to the company sales volume, the average waiting period for policy payouts and the time required to establish a phone connection between the advisor and liquidator in order to handle the report or claim. The competition participants were the companies which expressed their desire to be verified  in the mid-2012 to mid-2013 period. 

For some considerable time, we have been intensifying our efforts to please customers by increasing the comfort and ease of using our insurance products. This year we have provided our customers with access to an online claim reporting tool, which is becoming increasingly popular. By enabling access to lodge a complaint over the Internet we have vastly improved the quality and speed of contact with the company.

On a regular basis, Europa Group launches further solutions in order to better tailor our products to the customer profile, improve product quality, safeguard the sales process, heighten the insurance awareness of our customers, and enable sharing our know-how with business partners who offer our products. 

- Undoubtedly, gaining lasting trust takes time and money, but it pays off to build customer loyalty because in the long run it provides a stable and long-term increase of results and value of the company - reiterates Jacek Podoba, President of Europa Insurance Group.

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