Europa Insurance Group implements its new CSR strategy

On Sunday, September 16, more than 50 employees of the Europa Insurance Group will run in the charity relay race "Run for Hope", organized as a part of the Wrocław marathon. Its purpose is to collect as much money as possible for the construction of the "Cape of Hope" in Wrocław - a clinic for children with cancer. The participation in the race is just one element of the new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy being implemented at the Group.

The implementation of the redefined strategy organizes the existing activities conducted by the Europa Group in scope of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The definition of the main areas of operations and setting the objectives will allow to obtain better effects of the conducted programs. The initiatives will be centered around the watchword "Honest and responsible partner in business and a member of the community" The main areas of the strategy include raising awareness of financial products, transparent relations with business partners, responsible risk management and support of the local community and natural environment. 

- CSR activities are extremely important in our sector. Business integrity and transparency provide the basis for long-term success. Europa has been taking numerous actions in terms of social responsibility. Now it's time to integrate them all 
– said Jacek Podoba, President of Europa.

Europa runs for help 
In developing one of the CRS areas consisting in support of the local community, Europa Group became involved in helping children with cancer. This Sunday, September 16, Europa's employees will take part in the charity relay race called "Run for Hope" which covers the distance of the Wrocław marathon. The organizer of the race is professor Alicja Chybicka, head of the Department and Clinic of Pediatric Oncology, Haematology and Bone Marrow Transplantation of the Medical Academy in Wrocław. The race will be run by the people of good will who wish to provide funds for building new headquarters of the Clinic. The response from Europa has been huge: over 50 people wish to run the race, which makes every fifth employee of the Group. Thanks to their dedication Europa will provide financial support for the erection of the new Clinic.

A client well-informed 
In their desire to follow the best CSR practices, in August this year, after a detailed review, the companies within the Europa Group joined the Coalition for Responsible Business whose aim is, among others, to promote the rules of corporate social responsibility in Polish enterprises. Care for our clients' interests is a focus of our socially responsible business strategy. As a major player on the bancassurance market, Europa has been an active co-founder of all three Bancassurance Good Practice Codes which define the transparent rules of the relation between an insurer, a bank and a client. Thanks to these practices we provide our customers with efficient protection while taking out an insurance policy on the bancassurance market. In our company we have implemented "The Employees' Code of Conduct to Limit the Risk of Improper Sale". It describes the best possible actions that our employees may take to protect the optimum interests of our Clients who decide to use our insurance offer. The provisions of the Code are applicable both to the direct contact of our agents with Customers and in situations including indirect relations, for instance in collaboration with banks or other business partners. 

- We are aware that the very structure of insurance products may sometimes be unclear for our Clients, therefore we do our best to be their guides and mentors in this respect. In practical terms, it means our extreme diligence in contacts with our Clients in order to provide them with comprehensive knowledge about a given product, fully explain all potential doubts in a perfectly acceptable manner, as well as to make them aware of potential risks – explains Jacek Podoba.

Since June 2012, the Europa Group has been applying the Code of Conduct the aim of which is to create proper relations both within the company, as well as between the Group and its external environment. The Code governs such issues as care for the company's image, employees' conduct in the event of conflict of interests or relations with partners and competitors. The ability to dictate high operational standards on the market becomes dramatically more important in the case of an insurance company which clients entrust with their most valuable goods: life, health and property.
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