12th European Banking and Insurance Forum "Strategy of trust"

Polish customers are among the most mistrustful consumers in the world, the 2013 Edelman Trust Barometer has revealed. This indicates that, in particular in times of economic slowdown, financial institutions have to focus on building long-term relations with customers. At the approaching 12th European Banking and Insurance Forum distinguished public figures and experts on the financial sector will be considering the reasons for the decline in trust in the financial sector and the opportunities to improve the situation. The conference will take place in just under a month from now in Serock, near Warsaw.

This international event is organized by Europa Insurance Group. The forum is intended for senior managers in the financial sector in Poland who play a decisive role in the shaping of the banking and insurance market. The main concept of this year's conference is suggested by its name “Strategy of trust”. During the forum the participants will analyze how the financial sector should build the trust of customers in the current economically difficult period, what trust means for business, and on what values the development strategy for the financial sector should be based. Speakers and guests will also consider whether regulations support or rather hinder innovativeness and how to build a competitive advantage in the times of economic turbulence. 

- Winning, and more importantly retaining, the trust of the customers, in particular during a crisis, is a big challenge to companies in the financial sector. During the conference we will seek an answer to the question of how to build long-term relations with customers and convince them to stay with us for years to come as customers who are fully satisfied with the financial products and benefits they have received - says Jacek Podoba, President of the Europa Insurance Group. 

Speeches and presentations by well known personalities, which include both representatives of banks and other types of financial institutions, and experts from outside the business sector, including supervisory bodies and regulators, will traditionally add splendor to the event. 

The forum will be attended by approx. 200 people, including presidents of management boards of banks and representatives of leading financial institutions. Distinguished public figures and experts on the financial sector will participate in the conference. Among the speakers will be President Lech Wałęsa, Krzysztof Pietraszkiewicz - President of the Polish Bank Association (ZBP), Jan Grzegorz Prądzyński - President of the Polish Insurance Association (PIU) , Leszek Czarnecki, PhD, Torsten Leue - President of Talanx International AG and presidents of leading banks. 

The event is organized under the honorary patronage of the Polish Insurance Association together with the Polish Bank Association. 
The media patronage is provided by TVN CNBC, BANK Monthly, Bankier.pl and PRNews.pl.
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