The European Banking and Insurance Forum

Europa Insurance Group has been organising the Forum for thirteen years now. The Forum is intended for those individuals who shape and direct the development of the financial market and decide on the scope of cooperation between the banking and insurance sectors in Poland. The conference is a permanent event in the calendars of the Polish financial industry and is considered an important and valuable event. It has become a renowned place for sharing common experience. Annually, the Forum assembles almost two hundred participants: leading representatives of the bancassurance sector and supervising institutions, including guests and speakers from abroad. They discuss the current situation in the financial markets and become acquainted with the trends and prospects in developing banking and insurance sector in Poland and internationally.

2016 - 15 EFBU Leader's Era

Topic of that year's conference was to give traits and role of a leader of the future in the finance world. The attendees analysed the key challenges and drew attention to traps in business thinking which may happen to any leader. The forum is to inspire to thinking on how the coming social changes and digital transformation change the image of an effective leader and influence the functioning of the financial market.

2015 - XIV EFBU A Financial Twenty-Year-Old
This year’s Forum is of great importance as it is taking place in the twentieth anniversary year of Europa Group. The conference participants will take a look at the changes which revolutionise and reshape the Poles' attitude towards money management. They will also assess how the technological progress of the last two decades, developing digitisation and evolution of customers expectations and attitudes have influenced the financial services market in Poland.

2014 - XIII EFBU The Big Game
The hot topic of this year's conference was expressed in the name The Big Game. The game in the bancassurance industry has high stakes now: you can gain as much as you can lose. This year's Forum was used to inspire the banking and insurance market to come up with solutions that will help find a path in the ever-changing commercial environment, where on the one hand the voice of the customer becomes ever stronger due to modern technologies and on the other hand the notable voice of financial regulators has to be taken into account.

2013 - XII EFBU Trust-building Strategy
The Forum's participants analysed how the financial industry could gain customer trust in a difficult period for the economy. This translated into trusting financial institutions and into the values as a basis for building the development strategy of the financial sector. The participants also discussed how to strengthen the already solid relationships with customers and to make them fully satisfied with the financial products they use and the insurance claims payouts they receive.

2012 - XII EFBU Let's Do Our Job
The juxtaposition of the Polish bancassurance market experience with examples from other countries within the context of the difficult economic situation in Europe was the key objective of the Forum. The worldwide economic crisis proved that the level of supervision over the financial markets was unsatisfactory. Fortunately, Polish financial institutions demonstrated a wide-reaching conservative approach to risk management, which protected the domestic banking sector from resorting to state aid.

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