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Corporate Social Responsibility
An integral element of our presence in the market is Corporate social responsibility (CSR). Running an honest and transparent business with respect for the surroundings is key to the long term success of a company. Thanks to these activities we want to leave a permanent mark of our presence for future generations.
Koalicja na Rzecz Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu
We belong to a coalition for Corporate responsibility.

Trust and ethics in business
  • Trust and ethics in business – in order to reach the highest standards in customer and partner service we have implemented the Ethics Code whose role is to shape and condition the right relationships within the company and between Europa and its environment. The clients and their needs are our prime concern.

  • Client at the centre of our attention – we implement pro-client solutions to allow more comfort for  individuals using our insurance policies, i.e. questionnaires allowing for the precise selection of product and adjusting it to the client's profile; one page on-line tools to make for easier claims or e-complaints. We communicate with our clients in an uncomplicated and intelligible language. We strive for perfect after-sales service.

  • Responsible management of risk – our companies apply an Integrated Risk Management Process. Its purpose is to ensure we achieve our business goals and the protection against internal and external events which could have negative influence on our adopted strategy, growth perspective, results and financial condition of our Group.

Relationship with Partners
  • Good relationships with partners – we have been supporting our partners for several years now with our wealth of knowledge and experience by organising the European Banking and Insurance Forum. It has become an acknowledged place for exchanging experience in the Polish financial sector.

  • Workshops and training – partners selling our products are constantly improving their skills via our technologically advanced e-learning platform which enhances traditional sales support methods in branches. We also undertake regular training for our partners' employees.

Relationship with the environment
  • Workers' volunteer services for the local community - for many years we help children in need. Our employees with their own initiative prepare Christmas presents for people in difficult financial situations. In the last few years we took an active part in a Polish social campaign “Szlachetna Paczka” and supported 10 families from our region. Previously we organized our own version of this action - dedicated to children from kindergarten Kajtek in Srebrna Góra. With our families and friends we regularly participate in charity relay races in Wroclaw. We have also adopted a tiger from Wrocław ZOO and contribute to his living conditions.

  • Enhancing work efficiency – there are many ways to develop this area within Europa: from executing innovative projects and tasks, training programmes and courses, through post-graduate education and profiled schools, support in gaining new certificates and taking exams. We run "The Blacksmith of Talents", our original program and a motivational system focused on employees with high potential and for those who achieve extraordinary results at work.

Care for natural resources
  • Care for natural resources – in our activities we always take into consideration environmental protection requirements and we minimise the impact our company has on the environment. In our offices we apply modern solutions to use natural resources rationally. We return packaging waste to our suppliers and we dispose of our documents with a specialised company.

  • Ecology – we collect plastic tops and sell them on for cash. The money generated from this is donated to people in need. Every year we collect half a ton of bottle tops!
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