• Second place in the ranking of theTop 500 Largest Companies organised by Rzeczpospolita more

    In the ranking of the Top 500 Largest Companies organised by Rzeczpospolita, Europa Group was placed second among insurance companies. The assessment applied by Rzeczpospolita was based on stock market indices of companies from various industries on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, but the main criterion for assessing the value of companies was the value of sales revenues for the previous year.

    Europa Group was placed third among insurers in the Top 100 Most Valuable Companies ranking organised by Newsweek. The ranking was made using the Swiss method, which presents companies operating on the Polish market by their estimated value at the end of 2011. This not only consisted of the value of the company's assets but also its human capital and know-how.
  • Third place in the Top 100 Largest Financial Institutions organised by Gazeta Bankowa more
    Third place among insurers in the Top 100 Largest Financial Institutions ranking organised by Gazeta Bankowa. The classification listed companies by the net financial result achieved in 2011. The factors that influenced the selection of winners included: revenues, the dynamics of the market position and business efficiency.
  • The Silver Umbrella award for Europa Life Insurance Company in the ranking organised by Home & Market magazine more
    Silver Umbrella – an award given by Home&Market magazine and placing the company  third in the category of life insurance policies. The classification of the best insurance companies was created on the basis of the assessment of five years of operation.
  • Highest Quality of Quality International for the Legal Protection policy more
    The Highest Quality of Quality International award for the Legal Protection policy created by Europa Group for SMEs. The QI programme, organised by the editorial staff of Forum Biznesu under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development, the Polish Forum ISO 9000 Club and the Polish Agency for the Development of Entrepreneurship, promotes businesses with a transparent quality policy in relation to the product, service or management systems.
  • Fifth place in the ranking of the Top 100 Largest Companies organised by Polityka magazine more more
    In Polityka's ranking of the Top 100 Largest Companies of the financial industry, Europa Group was placed fifth among insurers. The ranking presents the largest financial institutions by the value of assets acquired.

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