Europa’s new colours

After six years, the Europa Group introduces a new logotype and visual identification system. The symbol represents the company’s innovation and professionalism which have been the foundation of its intensive growth.

Among the most important elements of image refreshment are the new logo and changes in the company’s visual identification system including materials used for communication with the market. The colour scheme is a combination of vital burgundy and grey.

The toned down typography combined with a modern graphic sign stands for two sources of the company’s success: innovation and professionalism. In the logotype, the separation of the spheres which used to constitute a whole expresses dynamism. The light but at the same time avant-garde form of the logo represents flexibility and internal energy of the team on the one hand and openness to customers on the other hand.

So far Europa has used navy blue and maroon in its communications. The colours were a reference to the standard image created a few years ago: sobriety and reliability of a financial institution coupled with keeping a distance to the surrounding world. The existing image required a face-lift and adjustment to the changing standards in connection with, among other things, development of the product offer, an increasingly frequent need to build the company’s image with the end customer and with Europa’s plans to sell online and using telemarketing. 

The new symbols are a consequence of the group’s dynamic growth. The refreshed image of the Europa brand opens a new stage in communication with customers and with the market which is based on the following values: innovation, professionalism, effectiveness. The group has achieved business success and has become a bancassurance leader by offering insurance products in collaboration with banks. The current changes make the logotype better reflect the group’s operating philosophy and its high market position.
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