The highest Quality International for Europa's insurance

Legal Protection Insurance for SME sector companies, developed by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Europa S.A., has been valued by an independent group of experts and awarded the title of the Highest Quality International. This is a convenient insurance product for small and medium companies, which provides comprehensive legal assistance in case of court disputes.

The small and medium companies sector is growing at a high rate, and needs innovative solutions providing protection to the owners of these companies. This is the function that our insurance product has. We are happy it was esteemed so highly and distinguished at a competition which promotes the highest quality - says Krzysztof Mędrala, Vice-President of Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Europa S.A. 

The Highest Quality International program has been organized by the editorial team of Forum Biznesu under the auspices of the Ministry of Regional Development, Polish ISO 9000 Forum Club and Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. It is addressed to entities which have a clear quality policy with relation to a product, service or management system. 

The Legal Protection Insurance for SME sector companies is dedicated to micro-companies and small enterprises the structures of which, due to the size of their operations, lack legal departments and do not cooperate on a regular basis with legal advisers. In practice, this insurance allows to obtain a refund of the costs of a court trial, enforcement proceedings and notary costs in a situation when a legal dispute arises in relation to the business activity conducted by the company. The insurance is available through the bancassurance channel, i.e. at banks where the entrepreneur opens a current account for its company. Legal Protection for SME in form of group insurance contracts allows to give a greater scope of insurance cover than most individual insurance popular on the market, while offering a lower price.
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