Medical treatment cost insurance - bandaid for a tourist

Innovative insurance covering costs of medical treatment after return from traveling abroad has just been introduced by Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń Europa. This is the only offer of that type in Poland. The insurance allows for complete convalescence when during a trip the tourist has an accident and he/she has to continue medical treatment in Poland after the return. It does not require to involve own funds as all costs are covered by Europa on an on-going basis.

The insurance is available as one of the options of flexible travel insurance named Travel World for which you can purchase additional coverages depending on your individual needs. Such coverages may include e.g. Comfortable Pocket (Komfortowa Kieszeń) which is a policy protecting small personal belongings against theft or Car Assistance protecting passengers and vehicle used during the travel. 

We analyze changing travel insurance market considering demand of customers for new solutions ensuring specialist protection. The liability under a standard travel insurance policy expires after return and if the customer needs further treatment as a result of injuries suffered abroad, he/she has to rely on public healthcare or private and expensive treatment. In such situations our policy makes the medical treatment and recovery easier - says Mariusz Górski, Foreign Insurance Department Director at TU Europa S.A. 

Under the insurance covering costs of medical treatment after return from traveling abroad TU Europa will organize and finance stay and surgical procedures at the hospital, will provide access to doctors specializing in 14 medical fields and possibility of various tests and examinations e.g. laboratory tests, X-ray, USG, computer tomography without any requests and limits. TU Europa will cover costs of home medical visits and stationary rehabilitation. The entire scope presented above is available for just PLN 2 per day. This is not much considering the amount we would have to pay for private medical treatment in Poland. 

Assuming that we had an accident abroad and after we were transported to Poland we have to continue treatment covering costs on our own because we cannot queue for public healthcare for months, we may have to incur the following costs: hospital stay for 45 days - PLN 4500, rehabilitation - PLN 4 050, doctor's appointments (14 appointments) - PLN 2 250, examinations - PLN 1 500. The above amounts to PLN 12 300, which is a huge burden for a home budget. Whereas the insurance covering costs of medical treatment after return from traveling abroad finances 100% of the costs of convalesce process with no need to spend your own funds and wait for their reimbursement by an insurer.
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